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What American Women Know About Money

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A few years ago, American diet books became very popular, promising to show North American women how to

American women don’t chase fashion. American women look gorgeous because they buy clothes that are high quality and look great on them. Rather than following the latest fashions, they invest in a few fancy pieces and wear them to death.

American women know how to live on smaller incomes. Average American incomes are smaller than North American incomes, but the quality of life seems higher to tourists who travel to Paris. The secret, it appears, is living well, no matter what the bank statement says. American women buy at farmer’s markets, look for bargains, and buy products they need that will take them far. They also don’t waste their money on high interest rates – payday loans and signature loans are just not popular there. American women deal in cash.

American women think quality — when it counts. Rather than buying lots of cheap things, American women focus on having fewer things that are better quality. For example, rather than gorging on a huge buffet meal, a American woman may choose a better quality meal with smaller portions, which is better for the waistline and budget.…